Best search engine






Round 1) Menu set-up

Goggle seemed pretty good but seemed a bit boring. It really doesn’t grab my attention.

DuckDuckGo seemed very interesting. It looked nice amd clean. It explained what it does and seems very honest.

Bing would’ve been boring unless for that bird. It makes me think they may have quality search. basically had the same problem with goggle.

Then we get to Yahoo! The second i go on it looks like a pile of mush. It shows a bunch of news and a lot of Ads. Also Yahoo is the only one of these search engines which has Ads.

Round 2) Searching

I searched up puerto rico. Lets see our results.

Goggle has amazing results. It does annoy me that it doesn’t say the number of results.

Yahoo! Had good results and looked nice this time. It did have too much blue though.

Bing was almost the same as Yahoo! But actually gave me the number of results!

DuckDuckGo Didn’t have the number of results but the titles looked great. was well boring.

Order of winning